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KOLTON HARRIS is a creative visionary leader, educator, facilitator and multi-disciplinary artist currently serving as a program manager at the CT Office of the Arts. In his role he is charged with the mission to design programs and experiences that empower artists and demonstrate the centrality of the arts to the human experience. He spent years working with youth as the artistic and executive director of a social justice youth theater, while also instructing educators and theater practitioners in his method of devising new works of theater that center on community engagement and development.

As a recording artist, producer and musician he has created a growing body of work that sonically explores dream-like landscapes with timeless messages in both lyrical and visual presentation. He is also a director, actor and writer whose mission is to inspire the artist in every human being by telling powerful stories that can shift the culture towards a posture of innovation and forward thinking.


Connecticut College— BA in English Literature

May 2014

Honors in Major, Commencement Address

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